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With a proven record of success that's anchored by a team of industry leaders, Jacobson Legal Services offers an imaginative and cunning legal approach, tireless resilience, and the willingness to fight to the end for our clients.

With a proven record of success that's anchored by a team of industry leaders, Jacobson Legal Services offers an imaginative and cunning legal approach, tireless resilience, and the willingness to fight to the end for our clients.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of legal services, and don't stop until the job is done.

Jacobson Legal Services is headquartered in Downtown Chicago in the Boeing Building, with locations on the South Side of Chicago and in DuPage County by appointment.

Our legal experts specialize in Family Law and Domestic Relations, Business and Corporate Law, General Counsel Services, Estate Planning and Probate, Wills and Trusts, Real Estate Law, Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Labor Law, Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection, and Civil Litigation.

  • Extensive Legal Expertise
  • Proven Record of Success
  • Excellent Client Satisfaction
  • Tailored Legal Strategies

Our firm is proud to have built a unique team of experts that leverage the newest legal technologies to provide the highest level of personalized legal services for whatever you, your family, and your business need.

Our Mission

The Mission

Our driving philosophy is to deliver expert legal representation with an unwavering dedication to providing the best experience to our clients throughout the process.

The Vision

To provide top-tier legal services in a approachable and compassionate, client-first environment.

Jacobson Legal Services

Areas of Practice

Domestic Relations and Family Law

We will fight for you and your family.

Whether you are filing for divorce, seeking to modify spousal maintenance or child support, negotiating a child custody arrangement, or seeking to establish paternity, we understand that your case is delicate, unique, and emotional. The Family Law team at Jacobson Legal Services is ready to fight for you while remaining compassionate of your situation.

Some of our Family Law Services Include:

  • Divorce Litigation
  • Alimony & Maintenance
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Orders of Protection
  • Prenuptual Agreements
  • Property Division

At Jacobson Legal Services, we take your case seriously and guide you through the legal process with exceptional expertise, from start to finish. Through client education, responsiveness, and transparency, we explain every step of the divorce process. Our clients’ needs and wishes are top priority, and we create and enact a solid strategy to get results.

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Business and Corporate Law

Trusted legal advisors for every stage of your business.

Whether you are just launching a new business, or your company has generations of history, your business needs a trusted legal advisor to assist in navigating the wide variety of legal issues that may arise. From initial business formation to creating agreements and drafting documents to guide you through complex transactions or litigation, our the team at Jacobson Legal Services will serve as your dedicated advisor, supporting your immediate needs and helping you move into the next phase of your business.

Our Corporate Law Services Include:

  • Corporation Formation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Shareholder Relations
  • Succession Planning
  • Mergers and Ascquisitions
  • Employment Contracts

Our Corporate Team will always keep your company’s best interests in mind. We use proactive measures to anticipate exposure, minimize liability, allowing you to focus on growth. Our comprehensive approach provides you with a suite of legal services addressing your biggest legal concerns, allowing you and your directors to spend time and energy on what matters most—your business.

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Real Estate Law

Experienced Illinois Real Estate Attorneys at your service.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful. Our experienced Real Estate team knows how to anticipate and indentify the hurdles and problems that can arise during the transaction process. Our experts will guide you through the transaction from the date of the offer until the closing, keeping your interests protected and your stress level down. We specialize in Purchase and Sale Contract drafting, negotiation and review, New Constructions, Post-Closing issues, title exmainations, Breach of Contract and Boundary disputes.

Our Real Estate Services Include:

  • Residential Purchases and Sales
  • Commercial Contract Drafting
  • Title Examiniation
  • Evictions
  • Tenant/Landlord Disputes
  • Deed Drafting

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Estate Planning and Probate

The Estate Planning Attorneys at Jacobson Legal Services will help make sure that your final desires are met, and that a clear and concise plan for your last wishes is spelled out.

If you are looking for a Illinois Estate Planning or Probate attorney who will carefully assess your needs, communicate clearly with you and stay accessible, we encourage you to contact us at Jacobson Legal Services. Our Estate Planning team will work hard to acomplish your goals as efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively as possible.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Wills and Trust Drafting.
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate Representation
  • Health Care Decision Making
  • Power of Attorney
  • Guardianships

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Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders

Our attorneys will help you and your family get the protection you need.

If you or your children are the victims of a physical assault, threats or stalking by your spouse, significant other, or other family member, you can obtain an Order of Protection against the abusive party that legally mandates that the person keeps a safe distance from you and stops all inappropriate communication with you and your family. In Illinois, restraining orders are called orders of protection, and they place legal restrictions on the accused abuser.

The team at Jacobson Legal Services will guide clients through the order of protection process from beginning to end, including the initial court filing of the Order of Protection and any legal action that needs to be taken if the abuser violates the order.

Order of Protection Services:

  • Emergency Orders of Protection
  • Long-term Orders of Protection
  • Fighting Wrongful Claims
  • Domestic Violence Issues

If you need a restraining order against an abusive party in the Chicago area, contact Jacobson Legal Services. Our attorneys are ready to guide you through the legal process from beginning to end to protect you and your family.

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Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination

We specialize in representing victims of sexual harrasment, and workplace discrimination based on age, citizenship status, color, disability, maritial status, military status, national origin, race, relgion, pregnancy, or sexual orientation.

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Mark R.

Mr. Jacobson was professional and knowledgeable in all applications of the law. He treated me like a person he had known for years and not just a client. I will be recommending him to anyone else I know experiencing the headache of legal problems.

Ana V.

Thorough, tenacious, strategic, and passionate. This law firm gets results! I would highly recommend Lee and his team at Jacobson Legal. They work hard on your behalf even when you feel like giving up. What a great team! Highly recommended.

Anne G.

I would like to say first and foremost, that I recommend Lee to anyone who is in need of an attorney. I am extremely happy with his handling of my case and am grateful for his hard work. He is very prompt, professional and responsive which is always important on any case. I have peace of mind knowing that he is representing me.

Kenneth J.

I contacted Jacobson Legal services to help me with a few different types of legal matters and was able to speak with the head attorney Lee Jacobson the same day. He and his team were always there when I called with questions. He gave me a more than fair price and kept me informed of each step along the way until he was able to resolve all of my legal issues in my favor. I would easily recommend him to my friends and family!

The Team

The Jacobson Legal Services Team

Lee Jacobson

David Springer

Kelsie Rider

Melissa Cobos

James Hickey

Jack Waanders

Nick Economakos

Haily Swain

Lee Jacobson

David Springer

Kelsie Rider

Melissa Cobos

James Hickey

Jack Waanders

Nick Economakos

Haily Swain


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